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Download April 23rd, 2018

Some people don’t like when the rooster crows on a Monday morning. Around here, it means Mark & Denise in the Mornings is back on the air for another rich full week! As we started things off, we unpacked all the top headlines in the news including the shooting at the Wafflehouse in Tennessee and then the story of the expelling of the Theta Tau fraternity from Syracuse University after a racially discriminating video that went viral. Then Mark decided to give “tribute” to Earth Wind & Fire with a cover version of “September” from Taylor Swift, there was “mixed” reaction.  Since our Monday was turned upside down after that, we brought on Ernest Owens for his Mondays with Ernest segment. Ernest touched on the differences within fraternities in today’s time. The conversation continued into the 8 o’clock POWER hour as Denise provided some VERY spirited dialogue. Keeping into the latest news, New Jersey former Chris Christie is getting an official portrait done for the tax payer cost of $85,000. We then welcomed into the studio Philadelphia Councilman Derek S. Green  to talk about his first term thus far, family sustainable wage, and the latest on the Amazon proposal.

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