Mark & Denise in the Mornings

Yes you know what time it is and what it means when you hear that sound...that's right its time to get up for another fun & action packed morning with Mark & Denise. The conversation kicked off this morning talking about the impending Oklahoma Teacher Strike & the problems that they are having. Further conversations included the reflection & remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as the 50th Anniversary of his passing was celebrated yesterday. Our first guest of the morning Rabbi Mordechai Leibling joined the show to discus the African immigration issues troubling Israel and how the situation is being handled ( The POWER hour began with Jerry Jordan discussing the new School Board as well as issues plaguing schools around the country making headlines (Okalahoma & Kentucky) ( We were also joined this morning by Kendra Brooks who was part of the School Board Nominating Committee. Kendra discusses the process behind the nominations as well as the selection process.