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The Wednesday episode for March 28th started off with a little reflection, as the conversation from yesterday with 1968 Olympian John Carlos just really stuck with us since the moment we went off the air yesterday.  We welcomed to the phone lines from Topeka, Kansas Carolyn Wims Brown who was the lifelong friend of Linda Brown. Brown as we know, was the center point of the Brown vs. Board of Education case that ended segregation in American Schools. The 8 o’clock hour, sponsored by POWER, brought Reverend Greg Holston IN STUDIO to talk about the action coming up on April 4th on PECO. Then we talked with Reverend Jay Augustine to discuss the latest on the Alton Sterling case. Finally on this Wednesday, we needed to answer the question on EVERYONE’S mind… WHO BIT BEYONCE ?? And why do we care? To help us find that answer we had on Stephanie Guerilus  on the phone lines.

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