MANNA programs and Pie in the Sky

MANNA CEO Sue Daugherty, discussed the non-profit which offers nourishing, healthy, healing food to area residents battling life-threatening illnesses.   After discussing its origins with patients fighting AIDs/HIV related diseases, through its transition to those with cancer, heart and renal disease and other disabling illnesses, we discussed the 11 different diets now offered.  MANNA prepares and delivers three meals a day, seven days a week for its clients, including meals for dependent children or elderly in the home, at Thanksgiving they deliver a hot meal for four to allow for guests.   She spoke about the ROI of the program, keeping patients on track to heal and cutting down on hospitalization the research showing the medical benefits of therapeutic nutrition – and the interest the Insurance industry is showing in the program.  Patients can self-refer to the program and everybody can learn more at their website.  Volunteers are also welcome, up to 150 a day, in their kitchen and distribution center in Center City.

She also discussed the October 26th RUN4URLIFE fun run and party at West Laurel Hill Cemetery – get details at the website!

Finally, the signature annual fundraiser, PIE IN THE SKY!  Buy a 10 inch gourmet pie for just $30 - Aberdeen Standard Apple pie, a linted edition 'Berry' strawberry/rhubarb/blueberry pie, a Sweet Potato  or a Pecan Pie  OR buy the $35 American Airlines Sky Pie (caramel, walnuts and chocolate on cheesecake) to help ensure everyone has a hot Thanksgiving meal.

Learn more at MANNAPA.ORG

Buy a Pie here at MANNAPIES.ORG