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00:56 Download October 6th, 2021

One of our most popular segments is “Kae’s Track Of The Week”, where our own, Kae Anderson, highlights diverse songs of a myriad of artists performing in and around the Fishtown/Kensington music scene.  It connects our listeners with the acts that make the Fishtown District the entertainment capital of the region.  This week, Marc and Kae will provide a retrospective of the people and bands that have made this part of our program “essential listening” for our fans.  We will not only hear their music and share their upcoming shows, but we will discuss the growth of the industry in our commercial corridor and the bright future ahead.  It will be the perfect program to get those hips shaking to start the day!


Dally by Kae Anderson & Sam Malone (Only can be heard on today’s episode)

Rearrange by George Engel Brooks

Ride 4 You by Rhythm HB

Safe Spaces by Marrissa Joy

Mother of All Bombs by Dirty Soap

State Of Emergency (S.O.E.) by Son of the 215 ft. Freeway

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