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Jewish Singles Radio: Stop Making The Wrong Relationship Choices. Interview with Natalie Kita

March 30th, 2022


There are so many moving parts to a relationship– Attractiveness, trust, honesty, communication, intimacy, just to name a few, so it’s not surprising when you feel hopeless about finding someone to spend your life with. Maybe you have been dating and feel as though you keep ending up in the same unsatisfying, unsuccessful relationship. We ultimately fall for someone because their positive qualities complement our own or even because their negative traits are surprisingly similar, but then you realize that those qualities that initially led you to dating or marrying someone can later irritate and even alienate you! For many of us – it’s the initial chemistry that fuels our relationship, but what if that spark ignites for all the wrong reasons? It’s common to feel as though choosing a life partner is nearly impossible! So – how do you weed out the people that aren’t a good fit for you?
This week on Jewish Singles Radio, Love Coach and Law of Attraction expert Natalie Kita gives us the 411 on how to recognize the signs that you’re with the wrong person and stop making poor relationship choices. “Dating someone who is different from the people you typically choose is a conscious decision,” says Kita, who shares her secrets to manifesting the kind of love you’ve always craved (but deep down are not sure even exists).
According to Kita, just because you have had heartbreaks in the past doesn’t mean you should lose hope. “In order to choose the right partner, you should shed your apprehensions and be open to meeting people.” Says Kita.
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