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Jewish Singles Radio: Interview with Taly Matiteyahu, founder of BLINK DATE Download

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You meet someone on vacation and quickly develop a deep, passionate connection. In that moment, that connection may have been exactly what you needed. But it might not have been a good long-term fit after returning to the real world. Many of us have experienced a feeling of fleeting passion before actually getting to know someone. Realistically, love does not develop at first sight, only lust. Which leads me to the question,  “Is love blind?” Scientists say, No.

Blind love or falling for someone you’ve never met can be real, but lots of people are in love with the idea of falling in love and often let their emotions get the best of them. Nonetheless, there is something compelling about the idea that love is a force more powerful than something as skin-deep as beauty.  Research shows that most singles meet online today rather than through friends or in their communities but according to dating experts, romance initiated with a nice profile picture and mindless selfie swiping is no longer enough.
After countless stories of dates – gone – wrong, ghosting, breadcrumbing or being repeatedly misled, singles are tired of routine on-line dating.
So what’s next? Meet

– A new voice-first dating app that’s changing the looks-first approach to dating and allowing people to have more meaningful connections  without padded profiles.

“Our members are tired of swipe culture and games and are ready to take the time to connect on a deeper level, understanding that judging someone based on a curated set of photos eliminates a huge pool of potentially great matches,” says Matiteyahu. “Our mission is to enable members to create real connections without the influence of assumptions based on physical traits because dating should be about who we are, not just what we look like,” says Matiteyahu.
Curious to know if your perception of someone’s personality leads to attraction before actually meeting them? Tune in to Jewish Singles Radio tonight to get the scoop on an emerging dating trend that’s positioned to shake-up online dating  as we know it.
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