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Nancy Moonstarr, PhD, is an interpersonal/relational specialist who works as a licensed psychologist in Washington, DC and also as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Maryland. Jungian and Gestalt influences are blended into her cognitive behavioral therapy.

Nancy’s experience covers many diverse populations, age groups, and life-styles in a unique psychological framework* combining over 40 years of training, education and practice.

The steps she used to overcome her extraordinary life challenges is offered to others as a three-part process to identify core strengths and true values in a co-creative, catalyzing fashion. This allows movement beyond barriers toward personal growth in order that one’s desires, preferences and dreams may be brought into purposeful form.

Periodically, she and her sister have started offering seminars together, as they have a similar outlook in life and closeness between them. Her favorite pastimes involve spending time with her family which encompasses her three adult children, daughter and two sons, and their families, including grandchildren. Naturally, her sister’s family has a special place in her life whenever possible. Lastly, she has a supportive network of friends and enjoys riding her bike in Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, Maryland.

Dr. Nancy Moonstarr offers skills gathered from a lifelong commitment to self-help mastery. She specializes in helping others overcome challenges and learning how to grow from them. Nancy’s approach includes assisting clients to identify core values, find positivity, and make decisions aligning with their true nature. She works best with those facing unusual challenges and who are willing to deepen their awareness about each situation.

Nancy encourages clients to use difficult people and situations in their lives as openings to build inner strength and travel the path to spiritual wholeness. Her guidance emphasizes self-acceptance in order to discover deeper meaning and purpose. Nancy’s mentors clients to accept their life now and the meaning behind it.

Each person, couple and family is unique, yet there are some commonalities. The basic commonality is connection. We intend and need to have meaningful connection with each other in a relationship or family. Individuals have similar intention and need for connection to the inner emotional self. Connections are created by communication either between people or within one’s own individuality. Nancy assists building successful communication and close connection by viewing all experiences as means for positive growth potential. Her guidance leads couples or families in the direction of creating extraordinary relationships and individuals living a life worth living. Nancy’s style includes offering information, feedback and communication techniques that move the therapy process uniquely suited to each person, couple or family. Topics often address family of origin issues, co-dependency, blended families, children, career and goals. The ultimate goal is to experience intimate connection and purpose at all levels whether with another person or with one’s own self.

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