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Are you feeling physically, emotionally, or mentally drained after spending time with someone you’ve been dating? Maybe you’ve been walking on eggshells and afraid to express your true feelings to your partner.  Or, perhaps your significant other tries to control your behavior, who you spend time with, and what you do. These could all be signs that your relationship is taking a toll on you.

In an unhealthy relationship, many of us tend to accept inconsistency and hold on to false hope for months and even years when our partner seems nice and interested, but turns out to be avoidant. How can we miss those waving red flags along the way? ”Relationships can be full of fear and insecurity,” says certified love and relationship coach Lisa Shield. “I try to teach my clients how to find and create naked, honest, and open communication.”
Each of our past relationships teaches us something and although everyone’s experience is different, there is no doubt that getting your heart broken leaves you vulnerable and alone. Toxic relationships tend to convince us that we can no longer do the things we love, but heartbreak is what forces us to discover ourselves again. According to Shield, after a toxic relationship ends and you allow yourself time to grieve, you learn to focus on yourself and what you want. You realize that you deserve more, learn to stay true to who you are, and rebuild your self esteem. When you stop putting your desires on hold and start to validate your self worth, you learn to love yourself in ways that no one else can love you, says Shield.
Lisa Shield helps guide you to finding peace and self love after a toxic relationship tonight on Jewish Singles Radio LIVE at 6:30PM on WWDB 860AM  & WPEN 97.5 HD2
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