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Jewish Singles Radio: Talking About Cheating and Infidelity With Doctor Nancy Moonstarr Download

00:57 Download February 9th
True or False? Once a cheater always a cheater. People tend to have strong opinions about the answer. If you are dating again after being cheated on, it takes some degree of trust to be open to new prospective romances. And if you worry that your partner is cheating, you are not alone!. YouGov market research firm found that 17% of people who are currently date-surfing on apps or websites are there partly to cheat on their significant others. That’s more than one in six. Statistically, if you swipe six times, one of those potential matches is going to be a cheater.
While it’s difficult to quantify exactly how many people cheat, anxiety around affairs is common. A poll of 2000 users revealed that 55% of users suspected their partner was cheating since the beginning of pandemic lockdowns. But even singles in the best relationships, with the strongest bonds suffer from anxiety about infidelity or become obsessed over what their partner is doing. You tell yourself that you trust your partner completely, yet every time they pull out their phone to text, you can’t help but wonder who is on the other side. So, if you’re dating or in a fledgling relationship and believe your partner is cheating on you, how do you handle it?
This week on Jewish Singles Radio, co-host Diana Pivenshteyn and I delve into this hot topic with relationship psychologist Dr. Nancy Moonstarr. “I encourage my clients to use difficult people and situations in their lives as openings to build inner strength,” says Moonstarr, who specializes in helping others overcome challenges and learning how to grow from them. So, if you discover that the person you’ve been dating is cheating, is there anything you can do to stop it? According to Moonstarr, “If you find that someone isn’t honest about little things, it’s probably not a shock that they’re not so trustworthy about the big things.”

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