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Jewish Singles Radio: Do Your Finances Affect Your Love Life? Download

00:56 Download December 8th, 2021

Do your finances affect your love life? After a year of Zoom-dates, dating is back. Many of us are vaccinated and ready to mingle but it may be costlier than ever to wine and dine your date. So, does money get in the way of modern romance?

A survey by, an online dating platform,

revealed that spending habits have skyrocketed when it comes to singles and first dates. 75 percent of singles plan to spend more than $100 on a meal, and 55 percent of those who plan to travel for romance will spend between $500 and $999, according to the survey.

Modern dating is not cheap, especially If you are going on two or three dates a week and paying monthly subscription fees to different dating platforms.

Traditionally, men have been recognized as the family provider, but dating and relationships have evolved. Today, financial equality between couples is  commonplace. For singles who are looking to spread the love and their money, experts say there are a few tips to wrap your wallet around.

Meryll Lynch Senior Vice President and Senior Financial Advisor, Pamela Goodman joins us tonight on Jewish Singles Radio to talk about the nitty gritty of love and dating after 40. ” Searching for love comes at a price. But with a little budgeting and creative date ideas, you can make your dating dollar stretch further, ” says Goodman.

For a long time, talking about money has been a pretty big taboo. When you’re dating and trying to present your “best self,” money can be a touchy topic. But,  actually talking about money early, openly, and often is better for your relationship, according to Goodman.

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