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Jewish Singles Radio: Dating Anxiety with Select Date Society Founder Sandra Myers Download

00:56 Download January 19th, 2022
We have all been there…sitting across the table from a total stranger and trying to pretend that you are at ease. Modern dating can be stressful and difficult on the best of days, so if you suffer from social anxiety, give yourself a break! Living through a global pandemic has dramatically shifted our jobs, eating habits, childcare, and our social lives!
Most of us feel at least a little nervous when meeting someone for the first time or starting a new relationship. Many singles are doing mental gymnastics to get themselves back into dating and the social scene. If you’re single and looking for love, you’re likely familiar with the usual anxieties of dating. “As challenging as it may be, we should approach dating with an open mind. Not every date will lead to a relationship, but that doesn’t mean they will lead to rejection either,” says professional matchmaker and Select Date Society  president, Sandra Myers. “By developing a personal relationship with our clients, we alleviate dating stress…and properly vetting everyone before meeting eliminates the guesswork,” says Myers.
Tonight on Jewish Singles Radio, my co-host, Diana Pivenshteyn and I talk with Myers about overcoming dating anxiety. If you are feeling anxious about dating, try being optimistic, focus on your date rather than yourself. Embrace being single and remain open to new possibilities that come your way. A lot of singles think they will never

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