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Jennifer Lynn Robinson, Emi Kirschner and Tam Williams Download

Download September 20th, 2018

Jennifer Lynn Robinson, President of Purposeful Marketing and President of FEMCITY Philadelphia, Emi Kirshner, President of Empress Enterprises, and Tammy Williams, President and Founder of SHE’S IT, LLC, discussed women in business, in particular, women entrepreneurs.  They spoke on the difficulty they experienced, in finding funding and in creating business networks as women.  Emi discussed the time crunch women experience through separating family, friend and business circles while men will combine the three; they all agreed that women also have to sacrifice more time for family and children duties than men.  They discussed how to bring men to the table for sharing business and job opportunities.   They spoke on the reasons many women can ‘fall into’ self-employment through family demands or employment changes and that women initially make far less business income than men, and often less than a wage earning woman.  While there are shortcomings to starting a business, they agreed that the rewards and future income potential outweighs the difficulties.  Finally, a discussion about the upcoming women’s entrepreneur conference, FEMCITY Philadelphia 2nd Annual Business Conference on November 8th, and what networking organizations can do for the businesswoman.

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