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I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream, For Ice Cream…..In The Fishtown District Download

00:56 Download August 18th, 2021

As the summer heat rises, the Fishtown District has the perfect, and delicious, way to give yourself a treat……..the iconic Weckerly’s Ice Cream, 9 West Girard Avenue. This quaint ice cream shop in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood brings patrons from throughout the region. Weckerly’s Ice cream was founded in 2012 by pastry chef, Jennifer Satinsky, as an extension of her passion for building relationships with local farmers, a love of ice cream, and a dedication to the culinary arts. Guided by these principles, Weckerly’s strives to be the best stewards of their craft, looking outward to those they serve and those who cultivate the ingredients that make the ice cream exquisite. The focus on service aims to provided a fulfilling personal experience for everyone who indulges in their unique styles and flavors of ice cream.

Marc and Kae will host the owner/operator of this local institution, Andrew Satinsky, for a lively discussion on the birth of this one of a kind shop, as well as their focus on building a strong local economy, good environmental stewardship and Weckerly’s continued ability to provide the best tasting ice cream.

The “Find it in Fishtown Live” team will also discuss Weckerly’s commitment to the community their serve, and its continued growth throughout the City. Join us for the best tasting program of the year!

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