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Holiday Safety Tips from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission 11/26/20 Download

00:29 Download December 31st, 2020

Maryanne McGerty Sieber, Product Investigator for the US Consumer Product Safety Commission made her annual visit to discuss safety during the extended holiday.  We began with a recap of the agency’s latest news, including a recall of department store candles and a quick lesson on candle safety, then a discussion on kitchen safety, including grilling and turkey deep-fat frying, tree safety, how to use outdoor lights and proper extension cord uses.  She discussed buying, re-gifting or thrift shopping for toys and sporting goods, buy age appropriate and never use a product you cannot identify for recalls.  She reminded us to check their website for past recalls and to always notify them when there’s an issue with the performance of a household appliance or item.  Finally a conversation about an annual battery check for smoke detectors and radon detectors.

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