Guest Shireen Qudosi and David Swindle

Shireen Qudosi is an American writer and strategist. She specializes in analyzing the leadership and ideology of transnational and U.S. based Muslim organizations. For over a decade, Qudosi has furthered the cause of progressive Islam both through her blog, The Qudosi Chronicles and by working with a diverse network of activists within the global Muslim community. She was also named one of the top ten North American Muslim Reformers in 2011.

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David Swindle

David M. Swindle is the Los Angeles Associate for The Counter-Islamist Grid and has previously worked as coordinator of Islamist Watch, associate editor of PJ Media, and managing editor of media-criticism site NewsReal Blog. He is currently senior editor and webmaster of the fiction-publishing start-up Liberty Island Media. His writings on Islamist groups have been published at The Daily Wire and The Daily Caller. He has lived in and around LA since 2010.

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