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Food, Farms, & Chefs: Interviews With Terrell Barkley, Nicole Jackson, Vanessa Jackson Download

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Savor the flavors of this week’s guests on Food Farms & Chefs Radio Show, because they’re cooking up some hot commodities in their kitchens.  From a self-taught Barbecuer, to a fast-casual burger joint, and some dessert to follow–these dynamic individuals are creating treats for all of us to eat!
We began our episode with Terrell Barkley, who started his BBQ business after he unintentionally became the neighborhood grill master.  He found his passion, and skill, to barbecuing while he was recovering from an injury.  When he started to cook, the neighbors sniffed out the delicious offerings, and soon he found himself feeding all the children and their parents.  As fate would have it, he met someone who wanted out of their business, and soon it became Barkley’s BBQ.   His popularity grew with every tasty bite, and soon he expanded to meet the requests of his fans, committing to a food truck in addition to his brick and mortar location.
We next wanted you to MEAT the self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur of Cherry Hill, or his newest endeavor that is.  Mathew Daniel, who is a young, talented, and very driven individual is no stranger to owning his own business; he has formerly owned a Frutta Bowl franchise, as well as Cloud Lounge.  Now, Daniel is the owner of BurgerFi in Cherry Hill, NJ, and he had his General Manager, Nicole Jackson, join us on Food, Farms, & Chefs.  After discussing a little history of her own journey in the hospitality industry, we dug in…to BurgerFi and what distinguishes their brand from all the others.
Lastly, we spoke with Vanessa Jackson, owner and founder of Philly Cheesecake Lady.  After spending an astounding 34-years without tasting this decadent dessert, Jackson took her first bite of cheesecake during an office holiday party.  To her delight, she fell in love with the rich and creamy treat, committing to a weekly outing to Macaroni Grill for some more. It didn’t take too long before she started making them at home, and eventually created cheesecakes that the whole family relished in.  Seeing an opportunity, and not wasting it, she eventually opened a brick and mortar location, and has seen continued growth ever since.  Now, Philly Cheesecake Lady is a family affair with both of her daughters co-owning and operating the booming business alongside her.
If you would like to know more of the delicious details, tune in at 6pm on WWDB 860 AM & WPEN HD2 97.5 in the Philadelphia listening area on Tuesdays.

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