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Do you love Chocolate? Then you NEED to listen to this week’s Food, Farms, & Chefs Radio Show!
This week falls on National Hot Chocolate Day, and we are celebrating it in a BIG way! We have three fantastic businesses, based locally and across the globe!
We begin with our home-base in Philadelphia, with a Philly favorite: Scoop DeVille. We spoke with Spencer Phillips, who is the current owner and operator behind the thirty year-old ice cream spot. Spencer discussed how he came to know Scoop DeVille, and years later became the owner 10 years ago. Initially Phillips stuck to all the original processes. However, Phillips now creates his own flavors, ice creams, and hot chocolate floats which are sought after treats all year long! Stay tuned for more about Scoop DeVille and all that you can look forward to for your next favorite frozen treat!
Tasting fabulous foods and beverages is always on our radar, so we spoke with the Creative Director, Joe Calerone, of New York’s famous Serendipity 3. You may recognize the name, as this is a sweet spot for many celebrities, notable foodies, and from their notoriety on the small and big screen. Fame is not the only reason this New York City-based spot gained attention, they’re also recognized for holding 9 different Guinness Book of World Records under the “Most Expensive” categories. However what we, and several celebrities are after is their Frozen Hot Chocolate Ice Cream and actual hot chocolate options. Need to hear more? Keep your stereo on, earbuds in, or smart devices playing–there were a lot of opulent items to cover.
Speaking of opulence, Max Brenner International’s Director of Marketing, Yosi Coba, joined us all the way from Israel! Yosi began his career as a youth, working as a server in one of the first Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar locations in Israel. Coba later returned to the company after studying Marketing in school and now holds his current position–which we are emphatically jealous of! Chocolate is enjoyed by the masses, however the intricacy of creating chocolate confections that induce an emotional and tasting experience is on another level; that level is where Max Brenner’s comes into play. The company is not just a chocolatier, it has become a full dining experience–incorporating palate pleasing culinary delights with everything they offer. Of course, this includes their signature foods, desserts, and beverages to enjoy no matter where you are in the world.

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