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Food, Farms, & Chefs: Interview with Brendan Hartranft, Matthew Fein, Elijah Milligan Download

00:55 Download November 8th, 2022

We’re taking you on a journey to discover some delicious foodie spots in what is now called University City, but has been a long-standing foundation in West Philadelphia. Rich in its own historical significance in the region, Clarkville has become a wonderful local spot to grab some comfort food, local beers, and hang out for a while.  We spoke with Clarkville’s owner and Chef, Brendan Hartranft, to find out how he began his path to ownership as well as some of the daily ‘insiders’ experiences along the way.  Of course we love hearing about what everyone is preparing inside their kitchens.  So naturally, we discussed his menu and beverage offerings to tempt you to try them too!

We also spoke with Chef Matthew Fein, whose career began at an early age, and became official while studying at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.  While there, Fein’s self-driven nature and budding talents landed his first experience of running his own kitchen. After graduating, Matthew worked inside several prestigious kitchens and for well-known Chefs. After earning his mark on the culinary scenes in Philadelphia–Chef Fein was looking closer to home for a change of pace.  Opportunity presented itself, and Matthew found himself transitioning into owning the beloved Dad’s Deli & Catering in South Jersey.
We rounded out this week’s Food, Farms, & Chefs episode by bringing back Elijah Milligan for a quick interlude during the Taste of Philadelphia event.  We were very excited to meet Chef Miligan in person, as well as tasting what he was making for the event, and also finding out what he’s been up to since we last spoke with Elijah.
And finally we wanted to extend our sincerest thanks to all the Veterans and their families, and our gratitude for their service, which keeps all of us safe.  And we hope that our Food, Farms, & Chefs family will do their part by casting your vote this Tuesday, November 8th.

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