Food…Farms… & Chefs

Food, Farms, & Chefs: Interviews with Chef Kelly Unger, Joni Garcia, Ray Sheehan, and Sarah Qi

March 29th
We had a fantastic time on this week’s Food, Farms, & Chefs show, bringing you an informative and enticing interview with two Directors on the Board for Bucks County Foodshed Alliance. Then we heard from an award-winning sauce maker and pitmaster as he talked about his new book “Big Green Egg Basics From A Master Barbecuer,” and we ended our show by indulging your sweet tooth with one of the owners of Cake and Joe in Philadelphia!
One thing is sure, without farms we wouldn’t have a delicious show to bring you–and as such, we spoke with Chef Kelly Unger and Joni Garcia, who are both on the Board of Directors for Bucks County Foodshed Alliance (BCFA). With Chef Gene Blum as our guide, his co-host voiced all the right questions with the Bucks County Foodshed Alliance.  Both Joni Garcia and Chef Unger discussed the amazing steps that the BCFA have been taking to encourage and support small farms in their goals, and to bring those same regenerative and sustainable practices to all aspects of our food culture, including the best opportunities to enjoy farm-to-table meals not only in your local restaurants, but your own homes and farmers markets as well.  Through tours, education, farmers forums, grants, and more, the BCFA is helping support farmers and their surrounding communities through the programs that they offer.  And there is so much more that they offer–tune in to find out how you can enjoy the fruits (and produce) of these farmers’ labor, learn more about what they do, and how you can get involved and support their goals too!
After working up an appetite, surely you would like to heat up some food of your own–so we’ll speak with Ray Sheehan as he discusses his new how-to guide and recipe book entitled “Big Green Egg Basics From A Master Barbecuer.”  In it you’ll find the step-by-step instructions based on Ray’s very own experiences from learning (and mastering) the famous kamado-style grill: The Big Green EGG.  On every page, he offers you the best suggestion on how to prepare and cook each recipe to perfection, including how to care for your Green EGG from the first time you use it, to how to maintain it.  And be sure to check out his recipes that utilize the pizza stone accessory–as that is one of his favorite ways to cook (can you say pizza?)!
Lastly, we reward you with an insider’s look at Cake and Joe with one of their owners, Sarah Qi.  Sarah lets us know about the delicate and flavorful desserts and coffees found at Cake and Joe, including some of their more interesting beverages, like their Calpis and Refreshers!  We’re also teased with a few exciting announcements, including the re-introduction of their brunch menu, which also includes numerous items not found on their daily selections of foods, and desserts.  They do not have a date set for these exciting updates–so stay tuned to Cake and Joe’s social media sites for the big announcements, and tune in to Food, Farms, & Chefs to hear about some of their crave-worthy treats!

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