Food…Farms… & Chefs

Food…Farms… & Chefs

Food, Farms, Chefs: Interview with Dave “Mack” McMullin, Jr., Dane DeMarco, Marcello De Feo Download

00:55 Download October 4th, 2022
This week’s Food, Farms, & Chefs Radio Show is starting out with a few announcements from our very own Gene Blum and Amaris Pollock.  With a somber note extending our well wishes to those affected by Hurricane Ian, as well as a few changes that have been happening within our small group of food-loving co-hosts, and an exciting announcement that we want to share with all of you–so you can join in on the fun!
We then take a look at a new start up in Philadelphia, from Dave McMullin, Jr. or better known as Dave Mack.  Dave is joining us to talk about what’s brewing over in West Philadelphia, and all the intricacies that go into making a craft beer.  His passion for beer began in 2014 as a home brewer, and through learning and experimentation with ingredients Dave’s home brewing efforts evolved into a business called Mack Brewing Co. And rest assured, we’ll keep you updated with Dave Mack’s journey as he continues from startup to owning a brick-and-mortar location as soon as he finds a home to brew in!

And we round out the show with two amazing businesses in New Jersey that are in a friendly competition which will last through the end of October, and all proceeds will benefit their respective Parks & Rec centers in their local neighborhood.  Chef and Owner Dane DeMarco of Burgertime in Audubon, NJ, and Chef and Owner Marcello De Feo of The Fare Porter have created a competition that you can literally take a bite out of!  With two creative burgers to up to the plate, only you can taste (and decide for yourselves) which you prefer–or perhaps both burgers suit your taste buds?  You won’t know until you try them out, and you can find out what’s heating up the competition in their kitchens by tuning in to the end of the show!

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