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Food…Farms… & Chefs

Food, Farms, & Chefs: Interviews with Tony Luke Jr., Rocco Gallelli, & Jason Campisi Download

00:55 Download June 21st, 2022
We are bringing you all the fun details of the country’s biggest events on this week’s Food, Farms, & Chefs Radio Show, including two music festivals, a summer-long family-friendly beer garden, and a teaser for this year’s Wawa Welcome America Festival.
We’ll start out by hearing from Tony Luke Jr, and how his melodic voice is hitting the stage alongside The Bacon Brothers, The Electric Queens, and America’s Got Talent’s Johnny Showcase at Bally’s Casino in Atlantic City.  The concert, which is one of the largest foodie towns in NJ, is happening on June 26th with all the proceeds from the concert tickets going to The Soundmind Network.
We then hear from Rocco Gallelli who owns Innovative Catering Concepts which he can offer you the opportunity to cater any party from comfort food to elegant high-end dining.  And for today’s show he is joining us to discuss the inner workings behind this year’s summer-long beer garden at ‘The Oval XP’ located mere steps away from the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and also an insiders sneak peek at some of the best food available for this years Wawa Welcome America Festival–outside of our obvious love for one of Wawa’s Hoagie or other food!  He also gives us a preview into where to find his delicious foods at some of the other upcoming events throughout the country–so pay close attention or you’ll miss out on some amazing eats and a lot of fun!
And our third guest is Jason Campisi who will give us the inside scoop on the logistics and scope of the Barefoot Country Music Festival. Jason is joining us with his first-hand perspective on what it takes to install all the tents, structures, and support that goes into making the festival–and any event–run smoothly.  

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