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What drives you?  We wondered what drives our guests in their success, and Kayla Bolyai of Altamerea Group, Kyle Algaze of Iron Rooster, and Scott Noye of Chef’s Dad’s Table joined us on Food Farms & Chefs to discuss their respective backgrounds, current ventures, and what to look forward to in the near future!
We first spoke with Kayla Boylai, Director of Marketing at Altamarea Restaurant Group.  The highly acclaimed international restaurant group has been awarded by James Beard, Michelin Guide, and highlighted by Zagat, The New York Times, and so many more publications the likes of which would take pages to write about.  So we were more than elated to speak with Boylai about Altamarea Group’s Founder, Ahmass Fakahany and the plethora of restaurants he owns. Each concept not only offers an elevated dining experience, the approach to maintaining sustainability via collaborating with organizations within the individual location’s regions is a key component in Altamarea’s goals. So if you are looking to dine at an elegant restaurant, grab a slice, or perhaps a summer cold brew coffee–why not guarantee a positive experience all around?
We next spoke with the Owner and CEO of Iron Rooster, Kyle Algaze.  It’s no secret that his Breakfast All Day concept has been a huge hit in Maryland’s dining scene, with travelers from all over bragging about how delicious his oversized meals are.  Between morning mimosa’s (and other happy hour options), Rooster Fan Favorites like his Chicken & Waffles (or choose pancakes instead!), sizzling sides (did someone say BACON?)–his restaurants have grabbed the spotlight, and everyone’s love of morning meals.  Oh! And let’s not forget his signature Roostarts, with flavors that change often and goes just as quickly.  If you want to hear more about his finger-licking menu, how he got into the business, and where an Iron Rooster will be popping up next–stay tuned to Food Farms & Chefs!
Lastly, we’re bringing you the 411 on what’s s-COOL this summer!  We spoke with the Founder, Chef, and one of the Teacher’s at Dad’s Chef’s Table, Scott Noye.  The need for educating students online via streamed classrooms began as a result of the pandemic, and unfortunately students lost out on normal activities and interactions. Noye recognized the positive impact and benefits of offering a culinary aspect to an online source–so this father of three began offering cooking lessons through an online classroom.  Soon after the regulations lightened up, Scott Noye worked with local community centers to offer in-person classes.  Now, the business has continued to expand and has opened registration (and begun classes) for their second year of summer camp.  So if you are looking for a place to send your kids to this summer; where they’ll learn life skills, how to cook, as well as implementing math, history, and more–tune in to learn more about Chef’s Dad’s Table!

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