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Food Farms and Chefs: Interviews with Jackie Summers, Edward Strojan, and Riccardo Longo Download

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We’re importing the best of the best on this week’s Food Farms and Chefs Radio Show, teasing your palates with a liqueur that is a first of its kind. Next, we sat down with a chef who teaches others what he’s learned throughout his career. And in our final segment, we heard from the founder of a prestigious restaurant, cafe, store, and more which transports you to Italy without the travel time!
Sorel is a liqueur rooted in its own historical significance, created by Jackie Summers. Jackie, who also contributes articles to various publications in addition to Owning and Operating Jack From Brooklyn, only brought his fragrant and award-winning Sorel to the general public in recent years. The recipe, which contains Hibiscus flowers, cinnamon, and several other ingredients was passed down from one ancestor to the next until Jackie decided to create a shelf-stable version of the multi-generational recipe. After numerous attempts to find the right tasting profile, Jackie succeeded in making a delightful liqueur to be sipped neat or as a mixed libation.
Our next guest has become a fast friend of the show, and of Old City Kitchen in Philadelphia. Chef Edward Strojan did not grow up in the belly of a restaurant, nor did he attend a Culinary institution–he did, however, earn his marks as a chef after opening not one, but two successful restaurants in the tri-state area. Since then, he sold both of the restaurants prior to the 2020 pandemic. Thankfully, Chef Strojan has returned to the kitchen, only this time he is offering a wealth of information through teaching guests how to make a variety of dishes from scratch, all from the cozy and trendy Old City Kitchen.
Lastly, we heard from the Co-Founder and Culinary & Wine Director of the Gran Caffe L’Aquila in Philadelphia. The famous restaurant, school, cafe, and store offers a rich history steeped in the numerous regions of Italy. On a weekly basis, the restaurant highlights a different area of Italy through their menus, and during the fall they will resume classes that will immerse you into that region via all your senses: You can taste, learn, smell, and experience the bountiful produce, cheeses, wines, and meats that Italy has to offer. And do not forget to have one of their caffeinated beverages, all imported from Italy. Of course no trip to Italy would feel complete without a sweet treat: taste for yourselves the delicious flavors of Chef Stephano Biasini’s award-winning Gelatos.

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