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The Fishtown District is a beautiful, dynamic, thriving hamlet that combines historic residential properties, modern architecture and vibrant commercial and retail businesses.  It is critical that we preserve this idyllic community and protect the time, talent and treasure of those who invest, shop, dine, stroll and call the Fishtown/Kensington neighborhoods home.  The Fishtown District uses all legislative tools to identify blighted, vacant properties, and return them to produce use.  Join us for an ibn depth conversation about the issues facing the District and the use of the Abandoned and Blighted Properties Conservatorship Act (Act 135) to secure a problem property, curing all violations, remediating the parcel, and market same to a potential developer, commercial property owner, or residential homeowner.  Our host, Marc Collazzo, who helped author Ac t 135 and its 2014 Amendment (House Bill 1363) during his time in the Pennsylvania General Assembly, and co-host, Kae Anderson, will engage in lively conversation with Joel Palmer and Beth Grossman, Esquire of Scioli Turco and Richard L. Vanderslice, Esquire about the details of Act 135, and how we are using it in the Fishtown District to build and grow our commercial corridor.

To refer properties to Scioli Turco, the public can send the address to

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