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God’s simplicity and Christian Theism with Dr. James E. Dolezal Download

Download September 23rd, 2018

Join Pastor Mark as we discuss the foundational concepts of God’s simplicity and Christian Theism with Dr. James E. Dolezal, Assistant Professor of Theology at the Theological School of Cairn University in Langhorne, PA.  We discuss God’s qualities such as Aseity, Impassibility, Immutability, and Divine Goodness.  We also discuss the contemporary repercussions of God’s simplicity on the doctrines of the Trinity, the incarnation of Jesus Christ, and modern quantum physics.  In two published treatises, Dr. Dolezal sets forth his own unique perspective on God’s simplicity and God’s pure actuality, which historically date back to 2nd century church fathers such as Irenaus and Augustine and are further developed by Anselm, Thomas Aquinas and Reformed Scholastics including Jacobus Arminius and John Wesley.


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