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Faith to Faith with Pastor Mark

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“Martin Luther and the 500th Anniversary of the 95 Theses” with Dr. Martin E. Marty of the University of Chicago Download

Download August 5th, 2018

Tune in as Pastor Mark interviews Dr. Martin E. Marty, who for the past four decades has been considered the world’s leading authority on Martin Luther, the Augustinian monk who challenged the Roman Catholic Church on the way to starting the Protestant Reformation in 1517.  Learn how Martin Luther changed the ways we interact with God — through a more personal relationship based on our “justification by faith” — and learn how Martin Luther overturned centuries-long practices of the Roman Catholic Church that stood in the way of our individual relationships with God.  Listen as Dr. Marty explains the dramatic story of how Martin Luther barely escaped punishment and imprisonment as he was unexpectedly kidnapped by German princes who were allied to his religious beliefs.  And learn what the Protestant Reformation meant for German immigrants to 18th-century America, such as the Moravians, the Amish, the Mennonites, and the German Pietists, who came to the new Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in search of religious liberty and toleration.


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