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In our latest episode, we journey alongside individuals who’ve courageously navigated transformations for alignment with their deepest values and sense of self. Ang, an executive coach with insight into leading with ‘who you be’ rather than ‘what you do,’ shares her perspective, while Beau Wangtrakuldee, PhD, founder of AmorSui, narrates her switch from scientist to innovator. Together, our stories emphasize the profound impact of infusing personal core values into professional endeavors, ultimately crafting careers that are not just successful, but deeply fulfilling.

Beau Wangtrakuldee’s leap from the lab bench to launching a protective wear brand illuminates the path from personal experience to entrepreneurial innovation. Her creation of AmorSui is rooted in a harrowing lab accident, underscoring the acute need for quality safety gear, particularly for women in scientific fields. Beau’s narrative is a beacon for those inspired by problem-solving and community impact, reminding us that our pasts can be the catalyst for meaningful business ventures that go beyond profit to protect and empower.

As we navigate the universal challenge of finding equilibrium between work and personal life, the episode takes an intimate look at how parenthood redefines our priorities and shapes our business strategies. We discuss the delicate art of delegation and the power of self-belief in surmounting hurdles. Echoing Dan Sullivan’s advice, we underscore the significance of harnessing one’s unique abilities, serving as a reminder that authenticity and trust in one’s self are the cornerstones of not just surviving, but thriving in the entrepreneurial landscape.

About Beau Wangtrakuldee, PhD:
Beau Wangtrakuldee, Ph.D., is a multifaceted innovator who has taken a technical approach to radically drive global impact in health and safety. As the founder and CEO of AmorSui, the first global protective wear brand for circular personal protective equipment items and subscriptions, she is on a mission to protect the health of people and the planet. Beau led AmorSui to serve over 30,000 global customers and leading R&D institutions such as Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Dupont, and Amgen.

Connect with Beau:

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