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Episode 37 | Dr. Scott Fried Download

00:30 Download December 20th, 2023

Change is the only constant, so they say, and we’re here to show you how to harness its power for your benefit. Dr. Scott Fried, a surgeon who champions self-healing, walks us through the landscape of change, revealing the resilience needed to thrive in the evolving arenas of work and well-being. With anecdotes from my journey in financial planning and insights from Dr. Fried’s experiences, we paint a vivid picture of how change, rather than being a foe, can be the very ally that propels you towards personal growth and success.As we pivot to the health sector, we confront its current tribulations head-on, discussing bankruptcies, doctor shortages, and the often-misguided perceptions of aging and wellness. This episode is full of transformative perspectives, including the potential of conservative care, the power of educated self-care, and the fusion of lifestyle modifications with holistic and conventional medicine. A personal episode led to the inception of a revolutionary medical device, illustrating the profound impact of change when met with innovation and partnership. Listen as we bring to light the strength that lies in adaptive strategies, and the collective benefits of efficiency and adaptability in healthcare and beyond. Join us on this eye-opening journey where the readiness for change equates to a readiness for a healthier, more vibrant life.About Dr. Scott Fried:Dr. Scott Fried is the President of Doctor in the House and Chief Surgeon at The Upper Extremity Institute. He is a surgeon whose mission is to put himself out of business by helping people to heal themselves. He has come to understand that the medical system is not perfect and there are easy steps all of us can take to avoid becoming victims of the system. He learned from his father, a clinical psychologist, that healing occurs in the mind. With small lifestyle changes and use of medical devices he’s developed, they’ve helped thousands of people to heal themselves and live happier and healthier lives.Connect with Dr. Fried:Website docinthehouse.comnervepain.comLinkedIn episode is brought to you by Doctor in the House, Doctor Developed Products Helping People Heal Themselves. Go to to learn more.

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