The Federation of Black and Minority Businesses Power Hour

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Episode 36: Lisette Santiago, CEO of The Clean Up & Touch Up Crew and Julie Jefferson of Kick The Day Inc. Download

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Michael Sloan, Sr.,  Miccara Sloan, and Bryant Feggins host The Federation of Black & Minority Businesses Power Hour which focuses on community and giving back.

SPONSORED BY: The Federation of Black & Minority Businesses & Meals America

KickTheDay seeks to support communities, schools and organizations by partnering with organizations like North America Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF), Generation Esports and Emerald Foundation. KickTheDay provides tools for planning, developing and implementing programs that merge gaming with wellness and education. The purpose of these programs are to keep kids healthy, growing and learning so they can #KickTheDay Every Day!

Graduate of Temple University, Fox School of Business, Julie Rivera-Jefferson spent much of her early career as part of several small businesses in roles supporting marketing, human resources and operations. In 2020 she decided to take her passion for wellness and self care to help others discover the best version of themselves. Through personal training and group fitness classes Julie helped people create wellness goals leading with love and self awareness.

Being a queen amongst men in her household, gaming has been a very prominent part of “family time”. She can relate the feeling of sitting and playing with her boys to memories of all of her cousins gathering around one gameboy at her grandma’s house and going over to her closest cousin’s house to play Nintendo 64. Those memories have been precious to her and now she can make similar memories with her husband and children. Quality time is important and gaming makes these moments extra fun and extra special.


Residential and Commercial Cleaning
Quality cleaning services have never been more important. We are all aware of the value of having a clean, sanitary environment for our health. Our company also knows your time is limited. We know how difficult it is to maintain a clean space while managing every other part of your life, from work to children and everything in between.

Disinfecting and Sanitizing
Cleaning and disinfecting is not an easy task. We are trained to sanitize and disinfect according to OSHA guidelines using EPA approved chemicals. Let us provide the service you need to keep your employees and loved ones safe.

End Of Tenancy
End of tenancy cleaning causes more disputes between landlords and tenants than any other issue. So it pays to make sure everyone is happy. Whether you are the landlord seeking a professional cleaning service to get your property ready for showing or a tenant making sure to leave your rental spic and span in order to avoid losing your deposit, we will be happy to ensure to leave your home immaculate.

Hoarding Clean-Out
If hoarding and clutter is impacting your life, we would be honored to provide our expertise and assistance to help you. Making a decision to reach out for help is one that we understand could trigger many emotions. We respect the courage it takes to reach out and we hope we can assist by lifting the burden from your shoulders.

REVEREND MICHAEL SLOAN, SR. in an entrepreneur and brings with him a minimum of 29 years of Marketing experience, with a high concentration within the Healthcare Industry and Church Development.

Earlier in his career, Reverend Sloan witnessed the daily struggles, barriers, and ailments afflicting the black community, which grieved his spirit. He turned to the Lord for insight and answers. After seeking God’s guidance, he moved to develop a car buying system structured to aide Black businesses and consumers with the negotiating and purchasing / leasing of vehicle(s), which included payment structures and maintenance agreements.

​This car buying service transcended into one of the first buying services for Black Americans called A.B.S, Automotive Buying Services, which was endorsed by the Philadelphia Black Clergy, and known for getting the best price and service. A.B.S leveled the playing field for the black consumer by removing the discriminatory barriers which often lead to the black consumer paying far more for their automotive purchase than any other race.

​Years later, applying the same understanding of the black community and the disparity in which they obtain healthcare services, Reverend started a physician outreach organization tasked with community outreach to educate the black community on targeted diseases states which have historically ravaged this community.

​Through this initiative, the physician outreach organization, incorporated onsite health screenings targeting people at risk for specific disease states in an effort to either effectively manage their disease state or eliminate their risk through the introduction of alternative remedies (i.e. exercise, nutrition). The physician outreach organization eventually morphed into Divine Sources, which, today, reaches thousands of people.

​Reverend Sloan is passionate about positively impacting lives and have accepted the call to be a vessel of change. He has consistently affected change through education and awareness, mentoring & coaching, and serving as an advocate to the underserved.

​Reverend Sloan was educated by the Philadelphia School District and continued his education at The Community College of Philadelphia. It was at The Community College of Philadelphia he developed a mentee/mentor relationship with his professor who was also a professor at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania Wharton School.

​This professor considered Reverend Sloan to be his “brightest student…ever.” Through this relationship Reverend Sloan was encouraged to be bold, fearless, and a critical thinker. He was encouraged to think “outside of the box” in pursuit of his passion and innovative ideas to empower, educate and engage the Black community, Black consumer, and Black business owner.

MICCARA SLOAN is the co-host of “The Federation of Black & Minority Businesses Power Hour” and serves on the board for The Federation of Black and Minority Businesses. In 2019, Miccara graduated from York College of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors’s degree in Mass Communications; she is thrilled for the opportunity to broaden her skillset and hopes to have a positive impact on the world.

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