Marc Bernstein’s Founders’ Forum

Marc Bernstein’s Founders’ Forum

Episode 16 | Robin Sciarra Download

00:28 Download July 19th, 2023

Have you ever wondered how to create a legacy that extends beyond your local area? Meet our guest for the episode, Robin Sciarra, a serial entrepreneur who has done exactly that. With an audacious spirit akin to music legend Bruce Springsteen, Robin’s journey of personal accountability and resilience is one to be admired and followed. We kickstart our conversation with her by narrating the inspiring tale of Springsteen, who took charge of his destiny to become a global icon.Robin’s entrepreneurial journey takes us through a diverse array of ventures, from Meraki Creative and Spark with the Masters, to Sciarra Restaurant Group, Mud Hen Brewing, and the Hen Houses micro-resort. With a background as varied as this, we explore how her risk-taking approach and adaptability have crafted a footprint beyond her local community. We get intriguing insights into her future plans to transform her home region into a year-round destination spot, a testament to her tireless innovation.Towards the end of our conversation, Robin unveils her mantra for enhancing creativity and inducing a ‘flow state’ to boost productivity. We dive into the toolbox of affirmations, meditation, prayer, and unwavering focus on vision, regardless of the challenges that come your way. Hear from Robin as she shares her valuable lessons on building a team that aligns with your brand vision and how compromising on quality can spell doom for customer experience. As she provides a glimpse of her vision for the future of her businesses, we guarantee you will walk away with profound insights on team alignment and business growth. Tune in and be inspired by Robin’s unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit.About Robin Sciarra:Robin is the founder and owner of creative agency, Meraki Creative, and has built a hospitality empire in Wildwood, New Jersey, Sciarra Restaurants Group. Her and her husband currently own 3 restaurants, a brewpub and just opened the first of its kind “micro-resort” with a huge manor house and 6 smaller houses in a resort style compound.   They also own several other commercial buildings that house other businesses. Connect with Robin:Dogtooth Bar Website dogtoothbar.comPoppi’s Brick Oven Pizza & Kitchen Website poppisbrickoven.comMudhen’s Website Hen House’s Website thehenhouses.comLinkedIn

Your Host, Marc Bernstein                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Marc Bernstein is an entrepreneur, author, and consultant. He helps high performing entrepreneurs and business owners create a vision for the future, accomplish their business and personal goals, financial and otherwise, and on helping them to see through on their intentions. Marc recently co-founded March, a forward-looking company with a unique approach to wealth management. He captured his philosophy in his #1 Amazon Bestseller, The Fiscal Therapy Solution 1.0. Marc is also the founder of the Forward Focus Forum, a suite of resources tailored specifically to educate and connect high performing entrepreneurs, and helping them realize their vision of true financial independence. Find out more about Marc and connect with him at                                 

Ang Onorato                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Ang is a highly sought after human capital leader with expertise in multiple areas including conscious leadership development, executive search, business operations, and human behavioral assessment. With over 25 years of experience, she has worked with a range of clients including global Fortune 500 organizations, professional service firms, and entrepreneurs. Her background includes leading major divisions and lines of business in corporate environments, as well as being an entrepreneur herself.
Ang’s approach is uncommon in that she blends psychology, spirituality, and business in her work. With a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Social Sciences, she brings a deep understanding of human behavior to her coaching and consulting services. This allows her to guide corporate and entrepreneurial clients to develop the conscious leadership skills and mindset needed to succeed with their businesses, teams and stakeholders. Connect with Ang at

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