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Dr. Douglas G Frank; Audit The Vote PA Members Jamie Sheffield, Karen Taylor, and Toni Shuppe; Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch Download

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Stan, Vicki and guest co-host Andy Teitelman are joined by Dr Douglas G Frank, Audit The Vote Members Jamie Sheffield, Karen Taylor, and Toni Shuppe; Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch

From Dr Douglas G Frank’s YouTube Channel

“Follow the Data” Such a simple idea, but sometimes it can be tricky, especially in politically divided times. But following the data is the most reliable way to get to the bottom of things.

My PhD is in Surface Electrochemistry. During my academic career, I published sixty peer-reviewed publications, including cover articles on the most prominent scientific journals.

I am the Math & Science Chair at the Schilling School for Gifted Children, and am also the Director of Music the music program.

I am a Scientist, Inventor, Entrepreneur, Libertarian, Teacher, Musician, Daddy, Husband, Servant of Christ.


Toni Shuppe grew up in the small town of New Castle, Pennsylvania. After graduating from high school in 1997, Toni left New Castle to attend Penn State University in State College at the University Park campus. She graduated in December of 2001 with a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering and started her corporate career in the nuclear industry working for a power plant in Beaver County as a design change implementation engineer. Before long, Toni found herself wondering if there was more to life than sitting in a cubicle and trading her time for a paycheck.

In the fall of 2002, she met her husband who introduced her to her first business mentor in one 24 hour time period. This one day ended up changing the course of her life forever. A business opportunity that was coupled with a cutting edge mentorship program allowed her to walk away from the corporate world at the age of 28. Today, Toni is a full-time entrepreneur, a wife, a home school mom of 3 girls, a political activist, and a constitution coach. She has become very passionate about freedom, free enterprise, and educating her fellow Americans on the foundational principles that made America the most successful, free, and prosperous nation that the world has ever known.

Karen Taylor is originally from Atlanta Georgia, and after graduating high school in 2002 she attended Georgia southern university. Going into her junior year she ended up in an almost fatal car accident which caused her to move back home to spend 18 months of rehabilitation learning to walk again.

Through some contacts she made during that rehabilitation period, she began working in marketing with General Motors and was a casualty of the economic downfall and General Motors bail out. She then transitioned into the medical field where she worked in various positions for over ten years, most recently Medical Administration and accounting before leaving the corporate realm behind for good.

During her move from Georgia to Pennsylvania she got connected with Toni through her now husband and has been a mentee of Toni ever since. Her grandparents were very active in the Republican Party and she is honored to follow in their footsteps with her conservative views. Karen is a mom of 2, an entrepreneur, a political activist, and a constitution coach. She is very passionate about preserving our Constitution, along with our freedoms and liberties for the next generation.

Jamie Sheffield grew up in Evans City, Pennsylvania, a small town in western PA. She has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology and has worked in the mental health field for over 15 years. She moved to Beaver County Pa in 2014 and has lived there for the last 7 years with her husband and 2 daughters.

Some of Jamie’s greatest passions are healthy living (gluten/dairy free), eradicating human trafficking and rehabilitating survivors, and more recently upholding and preserving the constitution. Prior to 2020, Jamie was not interested in government or politics, but with the world becoming more polarized due to COVID-19, something changed. God challenged Jamie to do her own research, to form her own opinions, and to allow God to lead her into new territory. She registered to vote for the first time, spent every free moment she had studying and researching, watched documentaries and biographies, read books on government and the constitution, and ultimately realized politics was a newfound passion.

Some of the things Jamie is aspiring to do in the future are: open up a gluten/dairy free café and bakery, create a place where human trafficking survivors can come to heal and rebuild their lives, and hopefully to run for office in her local community and/or state ever known.

Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, is known for his strong public interest advocacy in furtherance of ethics in government and individual freedoms and liberties. During his tenure at Judicial Watch, he obtained a court ruling that Bill Clinton committed a crime, the first lawyer ever to have done so against an American president. Larry became so famous for fighting corruption in the government and the legal profession that the NBC hit drama series “West Wing” created a character after him: Harry Klaypool of Freedom Watch. His character was played by actor John Diehl.

In 2004, Larry ran for the U.S. Senate as a Republican in Florida’s primary. After the race ended, he founded Freedom Watch.

Larry graduated from Duke University with honors in political science and French literature. Later, he received a law degree from Emory University. During the administration of President Ronald Reagan, Larry was a Justice Department prosecutor and was on the trial team that succeeded in breaking up the telephone monopoly of AT&T, thereby creating competition in the telecommunications industry.

Between Duke and Emory, Larry worked for U.S. Senator Richard Schweiker (R-Pa.) during the Watergate era. He has also studied abroad and was a stagiaire for the Commission of the European Union in its Competition Directorate in Brussels, Belgium. During law school, Larry also worked for the U.S. International Trade Commission in Washington, D.C.

Larry speaks four languages—English, French, Italian, and Spanish—and is an international lawyer, among his many areas of legal expertise and practice.

The author of two books, Fatal Neglect and Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment, Larry has a third book in the works dealing with the breakdown of our political and legal systems. His current book, Whores, is on now sale at,,,, and all major stores and booksellers.

Larry is a frequent commentator on television and radio, as well as a weekly columnist, on Friday, for He also writes a regular blog for Newsmax called “Klayman’s Court.”

Larry has been credited as being the inspiration for the Tea Party movement. (See “Larry Klayman – The One Man TEA Party,” by Dr. Richard Swier.)


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