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Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health Download

00:29 Download April 9th

Dr. Yolanda Graham, SVP, Chief Clinical, Chief Medical Officer at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health returned to discuss kids and their reaction to Kids social distancing. She explained that all children, not just children with intellectual or developmental disabilities or behavioral issues, will experience some level of trauma, they will act out, misbehave, become clingy or regress emotionally.  She advises parents to care for themselves, take time to relax, understand their own fears and concerns, and pause before reacting to a child’s outbursts or bad behavior.  She discussed the need for routines to add a form of security. She directed us to go to the Devereux website for tips and information on how to nurture a resilient child, tips that apply to any change or upheaval in a child’s life.

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