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Download February 7th, 2018

Sue Ryan, the Executive Director, discussed the non-profit agency, a coalition of CHILD, Inc., Community Legal Aid Society, Inc. (CLASI), Delaware Center for Justice, People’s Place II and the YWCA Delaware and what she considers to be a public health crisis, domestic abuse.  With upwards of one in four women and one in ten Delaware men affected by intimate partner abuse she notes the problem is systemic and must be addressed across all sectors of society, in schools, in the media and on the job.  We discussed the forms that abuse can take beyond the physical, including emotional and psychological abuse, as well as financial abuse, and that defining it is the first step.  When abuse is suspected begin the conversation, reach out to the coalition; plan for escape.

Semantics was another topic, why are there more women raped than there are rapists?  We learned that when asked an indirectly, some male college students admitted to relations with unwilling partners and other criminal behaviors.

January is Stalking Awareness Month, if attention is unwanted, repeated and making you uncomfortable, it’s not romantic, it’s a crime; we discussed reaching out, documenting and seeking legal intervention.

Finally, the DCADV also offers peer information and training, as well as resources.

Remember, if you are in immediate danger – call 911

For conversation and help in Delaware: 24 Hour Domestic Violence Hotlines  

CHILD Inc.’s Domestic Violence Program, New Castle County:  302-762-6110

The SAFE Program at People’s Place II, Kent & Sussex Counties:  302-422-8058

Abriendo Puertas Bilingual (Spanish) Hotline, Sussex County:  302-745-9874


For more information, to volunteer, donate or to learn about programming visit the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence  (

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