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COVID-19: Budget Business – Local, State, and Federal Part 2 Download

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Definitions for today:

Budget: Noun –

· an estimate, often itemized, of expected income and expense for a given period in the future.

· a plan of operations based on such an estimate.

· an itemized allotment of funds, time, etc., for a given period.

Asset: Noun-

· a useful and desirable thing or quality: Organizational ability is an asset.

· a single item of ownership having exchange value: Our summer home is an asset we’re not willing to sell.

(in intelligence) a person followed or spied upon to obtain information: as a participant in an operation, an asset may be consenting, forced, as by blackmail, or unaware of being used: It was a catalog of virtually every CIA asset within the Soviet Union.

Liability: Noun- plural li·a·bil·i·ties. liabilities

· moneys owed; debts or pecuniary obligations (opposed to assets).

· Accounting. liabilities as detailed on a balance sheet, especially in relation to assets and capital.

· something disadvantageous: His lack of education is his biggest liability.

· Also li·a·ble·ness. the state or quality of being liable: liability to disease.

Finance: Noun-

· the management of revenues; the conduct or transaction of money matters generally, especially those affecting the public, as in the fields of banking and investment.

· finances, the monetary resources, as of a government, company, organization, or individual; revenue.

Fiscal: Adjective-

· of or relating to the public treasury or revenues: fiscal policies.

· of or relating to financial matters in general.


(in some countries) a prosecuting attorney.

Philately. a revenue stamp.

Revenue: Noun-

· the income of a government from taxation, excise duties, customs, or other sources, appropriated to the payment of the public expenses.

· the government department charged with the collection of such income.

revenues, the collective items or amounts of income of a person, a state, etc.

the return or yield from any kind of property, patent, service, etc.; income.

an amount of money regularly coming in.

a particular item or source of income.

Allotment: Noun- · the act of allotting.

· a portion or thing allotted; a share granted.

(in U.S. military use) the portion of pay that an officer or enlisted person authorizes to be paid directly to another person, as a dependent, or an institution, as an insurance company.

British. a plot of land rented to a gardener.

Appropriation: Noun-

· the act of appropriating or taking possession of something, often without permission or consent. · anything appropriated for a special purpose, especially money.

· an act of a legislature authorizing money to be paid from the treasury for a specified use.

the money thus authorized: a large appropriation for aid to libraries.

Allocation: Noun-

· the act of allocating; apportionment. · the state of being allocated. · the share or portion allocated.

Accounting. a system of dividing expenses and incomes among the various branches, departments, etc., of a business.

Fiscal year: Noun-

· any yearly period without regard to the calendar year, at the end of which a firm, government, etc., determines its financial condition.

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