Brain Injury Association of America

Dr Ann Marie McLaughlin, a clinical neuropsychologist and member of the BIAPA Board if Directors spoke about Brain Injury Awareness Month, how March is dedicated to making people aware of the causes and effects of brain injuries.  She discussed the many causes, from birth accident, to sports, vehicle accidents and falls, and how it can affect the very young and the old differently.  Dr. McLaughlin discussed safety precautions now taken by schools in prevention and recognizing concussion, and how football, lacrosse, soccer and cheerleading can cause injuries.  We also looked at the long term effects of BI through lost wages and living costs and family relationship issues.  She also described the programs and advocacy of BIA in schools and the legislature, its resource hotline, speakers bureau, professional workshops and educational programs, and its fundraising efforts, including the Run, Walk and Roll April 21 in Richboro and the Race for Recovery in West Chester April 22.

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