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Len Schroeder, owner of Bloomers Garden Center and host of Bloomers In The Garden radio show, discussed the steps to creating a modern Victory Garden.  He told us that we begin with sun, we need a spot that has at least six hours of direct sunlight.  Whether it’s a garden plot or containers on the porch, the next step is soil, making sure that it is loose and porous.   He recommended checking the PH level, a test that can be done by your local garden center or county extension office.  We discussed augmenting the soil with compost and mulching, too.  Len suggested easy to grow vegetables, from seeds, sprouting vegetables or shared cuttings.  We talked about landscaping, too, and not over mulching trees.  Finally, he directed us to our local garden center for advice or to our local county extension office, a direct link to local agricultural schools with great advice and resources.

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