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Barter with Christine

Tuesday 4:30

6/10 Protect Yourself Against Scams! Download

Download June 10th, 2019

Barter with Christine: Protect Yourself Against Scams!

Today’s “barter” was simply me providing you with important information that I hope you will share with others. It is important because there are too many scams taking place to defraud individuals and businesses of their personal information and ultimately their money. So today’s show was dedicated to making people aware of how serious these scams are. From the IRS scams to the Casanova romance scams please listen to todays show so that you know the signs to look for and not become a scammer’s next victim. In fact, after the airing of this episode someone reached out to me to tell me about the new scam taking place where these scammers get your name and spoof your phone number and then call one of your relatives so that it looks like you are calling them so they will answer. At that point they tell your loved one that they have kidnapped you and are holding you for ransom and they will kill you unless you send them the money. This is disgusting and heart wrenching to the victims on every level. Often times the loved ones they call are the parents – some of which are elderly. Please alert your family that this type of scam is taking place and establish a code word that is to be used and relayed to a family member in the event and extremely rare occasion that you are kidnapped. This is a sick world we are living in so we need to look out for one another and be as cautious as possible. Please share this podcast with everyone you know. Thanks for listening!

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