The Scotty P Inspiration Show

Episode 1 – Anxiety Relief with Jon Mattleman

July 29th

Jon Mattleman holds a BA from Clark University, and an MS in Counseling from the University of Hartford. He served as Director of the Stoughton, MA Youth Commission from 1983 to 1993, and as Director of Needham, MA Youth Services from 1993 to 2017. Since 1993, alongside his full-time work, he has operated a private practice to offer presentations, consultations, and consulting services.

In addition, Jon is also the clinical director of the New England branch of Minding Your Mind a mental health nonprofit, whose goal is to lessen the stigma surrounding mental health in youth and teens.

Over the past two years, Jon has facilitated over 160 virtual presentations covering COVID-related mental health topics, including the impact on teens, parents, and educators.

The Scotty P Inspiration Show is centered around educating listeners on the importance of their own mental health, while also providing them with legitimate practices to acknowledge, identify and overcome negative thought patterns. Through a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy practices and a compassionate touch from Scotty P, the program aims to inspire others by using real-life stories, motivating examples, and fact-based strategies.

Scott J Prendergast is a full-time inspirational speaker and mental health advocate based in Philadelphia, PA. A graduate of Temple University, Scott speaks about the importance of acknowledging mental health in society, and teaches techniques to overcome the everyday mental obstacles that hold others back in life. Scott travels across the country speaking to audiences ranging from high school students, to adults, while sharing his own story of hope and resilience in learning to overcome depression. Scott uses a practical approach of mindful strategies combined with a compassionate touch to help others validate their own feelings, and work towards moving past them. You can find out more about Scott by going to

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