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The American Cancer Society with Dr. Arnold Baskies Download

00:28 Download April 30th

Dr. Arnold Baskies, Oncology Surgeon, Clinical Professor of Surgery at Rowan School of Medicine, Chairman of the American Cancer Society Global Cancer Control Advisory Council, and former Chairman of the National Board of Directors of the American Cancer Society, discussed how their mission and work continues despite the Covid 19 lockdown.  He explained that treatment is a flexible thing, even in the best of times; an infection, a schedule change, all can affect treatment and it is assumed that there will be some interruption.  We discussed known cancer risks and discussed the part that genetics plays into it.  A surgical oncologist, he shared his enthusiasm and his early work in immunology, and described how it affects cancer treatment and its place in viral research, such as Covid 19 and other Corona virus vaccines.   We discussed the mission of the ACS and its commitment to funding innovative, breakthrough research, providing the funds to develop new studies into full programs.  Finally, we talked about how we can help in the fight against cancer, through education, lifestyle change and through volunteering, through driving, donating and participating in their many fundraisers, still going on virtually!  For more information about the America Cancer Society, and programming local to you, go to CANCER.ORG.    Clinic  Global Cancer Awareness Board

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