01-07-20 A ‘Super Mom,’ Camila Rondon on building her life after her son’s AHC diagnosis Download

00:26 Download January 7th, 2020

Camila Rondon,  who graduated as a Physical Therapist in Brazil, Fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh in Sports Medicine Master’s degree in Kinesiology at California State University Fullerton Worked in researches on elderly fall prevention, Then back to Orthopedic & Sports medicine as PT Aide, researcher, Pilates Instructor And a super mom to two awesome boys.

She says: “When my son was born, my passion for photography re-emerged. I taught myself on how to take newborn pictures and how to make things from scratch like wooden crate trains and hot air balloons. Unlimited ideas.

Second son has the rareness condition called AHC. Since his birth, I’ve focused on learning everything I could, not from textbooks, because there is not much known about it. From doctors, other parents and from my son, because all the AHC kids present the disease on a distinct way.

Photography came well handy since I always loved it and I needed a flexible job so I can take care of my boys. This already saturated market doesn’t scare me. As a mother of two, I am always taking pictures, being extremely creative, In my opinion, photography records your own unique story and memories with you in them.

I can be reached at camilarondonphotography@gmail.com  +1 (949) 416-5147

During my life turmoil discovering my son’s illness, thank God I had Fatima helping me using my faith, believing in my strength, even thou I could not see.

She kept reminding me that my son was not ill, erasing my limiting beliefs, so I could see how perfect my son was. I learned to manifest my son’s health, seeing him as normal as any other happy child, even thou we were in the midst of so many hospitalizations, and not much progress at that time. But I trusted her coaching process, and thank God I believed in her message, because now I see my kid Liam play, not only walking but running and even jumping,

Fátima has an incredible “spiritual Wi-Fi” as she calls it. Her vision and her wisdom go beyond our understanding. She will reenergize your inner faith. You will grasp the wisdom of emotion management tools and feel recover your inner power, and your life will be fulfilled with miracles.”  CR.

Listen to this interview and be ready to be inspired!

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