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12-31-19 Professional pilot Eryka Silva on becoming the ‘Pilot’ of your own existence Download

00:26 Download December 31st, 2019

Life will be as you perceive it to be. Be alive and learn to be the pilot of your own existence. For that you must learn to pilot your own equipment to land where you want and not where others or your emotions says you should.

In honor of being alive and celebrating life I brought in a friend to talk about a true and beautiful experience of being,  Pilot Eryka Silva describes how incredible is to trust your inner Self.

Member of many associations like Women in Aviation, The 99’s first group of women pilot in the world, Black Aerospace Professionals, Ladies in Flight Training, AOPA – Aircraft Owner Pilots Association and many others.

Listen to this true amazing story as we talk about our lives. We are women who flies!

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