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04-11-22 – Regional Communications Director Dave Skutnik, Regional Communications Manager Alana Mauger, and Senior Volunteer Specialist Ned Bloom of the American Red Cross of SE Pennsylvania Download

00:29 Download April 11th, 2022

Hosted by Lora Lewis, Philadelphia Focus introduces you to the people and organizations making a difference in our community, from health and safety issues to education, employment, and even entertainment opportunities.  Philadelphia Focus looks for solutions and positive action to make our region a better place to call home.

Dave Skutnik has been the Regional Communications Director of the Philadelphia office and Southeastern Pennsylvania since 2017. He joined the American Red Cross as a Communications Manager in the northeast part of the state in March 2015.

Dave is a member of the national Advanced Public Affairs Team, deploying to help people affected by large disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires.

Prior to joining the Red Cross, Dave worked for more than 15 years in local television as a broadcast meteorologist. The tie between weather disasters and the Red Cross made it a natural fit. Dave has his degree in meteorology from Penn State.

When not working for the Red Cross or watching the weather, Dave is an avid Philadelphia and Penn State sports fan, but also enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys by the pool or at the beach. Dave has also been known to spend a lot of time doing good, old-fashioned yardwork.

Alana Mauger, Regional Communications Manager of the American Red Cross of Southeastern Pennsylvania, discussed the national problems of blood shortages and summer safety. Starting with blood, she notes that there is less than 2 days supply and the time to give is not when there is a accident or crisis. She discussed their needs for trauma patients, but also for scheduled surgeries and for recurring treatments for cancer and sickle cell patients. We talked about finding a dive and registering using the Red Cross App and their Fast Pass to check you in quickly. She described the blood donation process and the types of donations they take, including whole, plasma and platelets. She finished with an appeal for blood drive hosts before moving on to summer safety. Beyond their lifeguard training and certification programs, the Red Cross offers first aid classes, CPR, swimming lessons and a ‘Babysitter’ class that teaches first ad, triage and CPR for children. We discussed water safety and she advised us to buddy up, keep track of children and to learn to tread water and float. All of her tips are available at

Ned Bloom

-Building and managing team of volunteers responsible for recruiting, training and engaging volunteers; working closely with other non-profit organizations, businesses, faith-based institutions, universities and local, state and national government offices & representatives
-Representing the American Red Cross including large and small scale presentations, public relations, speeches, etc.
-Trainer for professional staff members and volunteers with emphasis on initial orientations across all American Red Cross lines of service, including Disaster Cycle Services, Biomedical Services, Service to the Armed Forces, Volunteer Services, Operations, etc.
-Facilitating training and supporting fellow volunteer recruiters locally and throughout Northeast Division of American Red Cross
-National and Local Responder & Team Leader – fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc.
-Mass Care Specialist/Shelter Manager – i.e. 600 bed dormitory shelter in Springfield, Massachusetts, Spring 2012
-Training: CPR/AED/First Aid, Disaster Services/Front Line Supervision, Shelter Operations/Management, Emergency Response Vehicle, Client Casework, Psychological First Aid, Logistics and Bulk Distribution Management


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