Jelly Roll Facing Legal Battle With Pennsylvania Band

Jelly Roll has become an international superstar switching from the rock world to country music. He received his first country number-one single, "Son of a Sinner" back in January of 2023. But now, the road seems a bit rocky for the country music star when it comes to his name. Jelly Roll Facing Trademark Infringement Suit According to Us Weekly via, there is a band of the same name based out of Pennsylvania. Now, a legal battle may ensue. Here's more from the initial article. Pennsylvania-based band Jellyroll has been performing at weddings and charity events in the Keystone State since 1980 and has held a trademark for their name since 2010. The band is now suing country star Jelly Roll to stop him from performing under the same name. The local band has performed quite a few very large gigs so don't think they are nobodies. They earned an invitation to play at the White House in 2007 after the daughters of President George Bush saw them performing. They were then asked by First Lady Laura Bush to play at her 44th High School Reunion. [caption id="attachment_288242" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] WASHINGTON, DC - JANUARY 11: American singer and songwriter Jason "Jelly Roll" DeFord testifies before the Senate Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs committee on January 11, 2024 in Washington, DC. The hearing examined legislative solutions and public education for stopping the flow of fentanyl into and throughout the United States. (Photo by Kent Nishimura/Getty Images)[/caption] According to CourtWatch, Jason DeFord (a.k.a. Jelly Roll) is being sued for Trademark Infringement over the use of the name. Kurt L. Titchenell is a member of the band, Jellyroll, is seeking "injunctive relief" because of the use of the name. They said they have used the name and had it trademarked for fifteen years, renewing it in 2019. Meet Jellyroll, The Epic Wedding Band I did some deep diving and actually found their wedding band promo video and it is fire! We will keep you updated here! [select-gallery gallery_id="199271" syndication_name="gallery-jelly-roll-is-a-country-music-star" description="yes"]