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VIDEO: Jay Ajayi & Corey Clement on ‘Kimmel’

One of the best parts after a team clinches a championship is all of the talk show appearances, and last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jay Ajayi and Corey Clement stopped by to talk about the Philadelphia Eagles’ history Super Bowl win.

Between breaking down the 4th and Goal trick play that resulted in Quarterback Nick Foles catching a touchdown pass to Clement’s heavily reviewed touchdown, it was a very fun interview especially considering both Ajayi and Clement were running on very little sleep.

Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl Champs Jay Ajayi & Corey Clement on Their Big Win

Jay and Corey talk about the Eagles' first Super Bowl win, the big trick play with Nick Foles, Corey's controversial touchdown, quarterback Carson Wentz, and they reveal how long their party lasted after the big win.