Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

POLL: Craziest Philly Fan Moment After The Eagles Won The Super Bowl?

By now, we've all seen the crazy moments of fans celebrating the Philadelphia Eagles historic Super Bowl win, and you've likely watched them many times over.

From the funny to the frightening, we want to know what you think was the craziest Philly fan moment post-Super Bowl win.  Vote in the poll below!

(In case you somehow haven't seen some of these moments, check them out below the poll.)


Peter Bloss on Twitter

@GolicAndWingo the canopy at the Ritz Carlton looks like it was a casualty to the Philly celebration.


Barstool Heartland on Twitter

Philadelphia has officially gone full Cleveland by eating horse shit, never go full Cleveland


Fabiola Cineas on Twitter

The gates of Philadelphia's City Hall. Yes, that's a keg on its way up.

Davis Tse on Twitter

philly fans have graduated from just climbing poles to jumping off them #philadelphia #eagles #Superbowl